Purpose and objectives: Accelerating the integration of science-education-production and developing the information base, increasing the authority of the Institute of Chemistry and Physics of Polymers of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the scientific community of the world and the Republic, as well as establishing scientific contacts with foreign and Uzbek scientists, developing contacts between researchers and specialists of manufacturing enterprises in the field of chemistry, physics and technology, including nanochemistry, nanophysics and nanotechnology of polymers, nanocomposite materials, implementation of scientific research results into practice and commercialization. The journal will cover articles, translations, reviews, as well as achievements and experiences in the production of scientists working in the field of polymer science, proposals and recommendations for the development and regulation of the industry, information on international cooperation, agreements with foreign countries and other materials.

Specialization: Scientific articles and other materials devoted to theoretical, fundamental, applied and innovative developments in the field of polymer and nanopolymer science, as well as achievements, problems and prospects in the field of nanochemistry, nanophysics, nanotechnology and nanocomposite materials will be published.