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Khakkulov J., Kholmuminov A.

National University of Uzbekistan, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Abstract. Studies to study the displacement of macrons in a gradient field were performed on a "cone-surface" cell rheometer. In this case, according to the Debye criterion, chitosan (ChZ) is diluted by 2% in the ratios СН3СООН:Н2О and FB in the ratio НСООН:Н2О (1:1). Solutions with a concentration of (C-concentration) C = 0.25 g / dl were used. The studies were conducted at 25 oC and 50 oC. The movement of ions and macrons in a liquid under the influence of electric forces towards the poles (electrodes) depends on their positive and negative valence (zi), size of radii (ri), charge (qi) and number of charges (ni), electric field strength (E), temperature (T ) and viscosity. The acceleration of the displacement of ions as well as macroions in the electric field continues until the electric force (Felas) is equal to the frictional force (Ffrict). In this study, it was found that С > 95% of macroions in a gradient field with a current I = 1 mA move to the electrodes without collision, t ≥ 18 hours for chitosan solution and more than t ≥ 25 hours for fibroin solution. This result can be achieved by increasing the current 8 times (I = 8 mA) with a time consumption of 4.5 times (4 hours) for chitosan solution and 4.2 times (less than 6 hours) for fibroin solution. and the quantities of this time and current are selected. These results show that, in accordance with Faraday's law, as the current increases, the macrons move rapidly towards the electrodes and overlap.

Key words. gradient field, shear stress, chitosan, fibroin, viscosity, electric field.


*Corresponding author: Kholmuminov A., National University of Uzbekistan, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Citation: Khakkulov J., Kholmuminov A., MOVEMENT OF BIOPOLYMER FIBROIN AND CHITOSAN MACROINES IN DIFFERENT FIELDS. Uzbekistan Journal of Polymers, Vol. 2(1) 2023: pp.45-55. DOI:

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